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Opening Weekend 2021 Opening Weekend 2021

If your football has gone over our fence and no-one is there to help you recover it, we do hand them in to Reception at the Leisure Centre as soon as we find them and they can be recovered from there - normally the day after they are lost.

Subject to and aligned with Bowls England guidance, Billingshurst Bowling Club has now reopened!

Thank you for visiting the Billingshurst Bowling Club website. The Club has excellent facilities including a clubhouse, pavilion and a good green, all based in pleasant surroundings in the rural setting of Billingshurst.

The Club enjoys a very active membership who participate in many friendly matches against other local clubs across the south-east as well as a varied calendar of league and competition matches internally. Whilst the bowling is important the social calendar is also busy with an annual quiz night, barbecue, Fun Day, ten-pin bowling night, Christmas meal and a number of organised activity afternoons.

As a private Club which receives no external funding we rely on the membership to maintain the fabric of the Club - green cutting, cleaning, gardening, general maintenance and catering. All members are encouraged to contribute to these activities.

New members are always made to feel very welcome so why not get in touch for further information, or just turn up and have a go at the sport? The Club runs weekly practice nights on Fridays between 6pm and 7.30pm from April to September.

For any enquiries, please send us a message using the "Contact" link at the top of this page.